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OEM Vendor Support

Aero Precision is partnered with over 18 major OEMs to provide military aircraft spare parts. These partnerships involve substantive provisioning and stocking to optimize support for Aero Precision’s clientele in over 60 plus countries. In addition, Aero Precision serves as a US Government channel partner for its OEMs. The net result is added value for the customer and the OEM: lower lead times, competitive pricing, incremental revenue and a significantly reduced each partner’s associated cost-to-serve. For more on our product lines, please see our Vendor Profiles.

Component Repair and Overhaul

An extensive network of repair firms across the United States and abroad is at your disposal when you work with Aero Precision. We offer each customer multiple tailored options using OEM certified products/services at competitive prices. Let us source your aircraft repairs; in addition to providing you multiple options and timely quotations on the front end, we’ll meticulously manage each repair and keep you apprised of status every step of the way through our online and real-time customer repair portal. Our unparalleled customer service is just one attribute that sets us apart from the competition.

Examples of Integration and Upgrade Services

  • Hamilton Sundstrand F-16 Generator, CSD Program – Exclusive management of over 250 Electrical Power System line items
  • Hamilton Sundstrand MLA – Licensee for multiple F-15, F-16 and F-5 gearbox components
  • Honeywell F-15 Wheels and Brakes – Exclusive distributor for all W/B product and OEM representative for TCG affairs
  • Honeywell F-18 Wheels and Brakes – Exclusive distributor for all W/B product and OEM representative for TCG affairs
  • ESCO Arresting Barrier System – Through commercial contracts, served as prime and coordinated with subcontractors to field onsite engineering teams, codify technical documentation and plan a multi-year phased installation program

  • Crane Aerospace Antiskid Upgrade – Brought the Crane Hydro Aire Mk IV system (IAW USAF TO 1C-130-743) to an international C-130B-H user and manages the initial aircraft modification and provide training to the operator to be used in subsequent mods/maintenance
  • Kitting Experience – Multiple projects featuring various OEM partners for several different customers (examples include F-4 CSD, C-130 Antiskid, C-130 Cooling Turbine, TFE731 maintenance, F-15 servo/stabilizer repair, AGT-1500 phased maintenance)
  • Fleet Modernization – Engaged in bidding process for Autopilot Systems and Service Life Extension upgrades on various aircraft for Central European customer