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KLX Aerospace

KLX Aerospace Kits are built for F-16 A/B models for Phase inspection and Maintenance and
are available in a typical configuration but may be customized for additional requirements
upon request. These kits are built to ensure minimal lead times and maximum efficiency
for the operator. Aero Precision is KLX Aerospace's Authorized Distributor for F-16 A/B
Phase Inspection Kits.

External Hoist Arm External Hoist Arm
  • • KLX Aerospace provides value-added kitting services by assuming responsibilities not related to the core businesses of your company

  • • KLX Aerospace Kit contents can range anywhere from 2 line items to thousands of line items according to the customer bill of materials

  • • KLX Aerospace Kits are fully customizable according to customer specific and Lean/Cellular Manufacturing requirements

  • • KLX Aerospace Kits can be stored in a Forward Stocking Location (FSL) or can be Direct Line Fed (DLF) to the
    assembly Point-of-Use Kits provided with an item schematic, and all items are furnished with a Manufacturing Certificate of Conformance to the original item lot