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International Support

Aero Precision has over 18 years of experience as a trusted partner in International Military logistics markets. Our International Sales Teams work directly with over 60 foreign governments worldwide, successfully completing thousands of international contracts yearly.

Aero Precision provides OEMs ideal access to international markets through the following:

• Extensive history as a trusted partner for handling international complexities;

• The ability to work through various procurement channels such as: US offices, regional
  procurement offices, in-country MROs, government embassies, direct requests, local
  tenders and US FMS;

• Expertise in a variety of complex international terms and conditions such as
  bid/performance bonds, letters of credit and all modes of international shipment;

• A worldwide network that includes both foreign nationals as consultants and in-country
  offices and TRACE certified representatives;

• Capabilities covering all military services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Special
  Forces) and multiple platforms; and

• Strict export compliance system exceeding all current US Department of State standards.

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