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Texstars Inc.

Texstars is a world leader in the production of Canopies and Transparencies for military aircraft including high optical F-16 550-knot Canopies, F-15, F-5, T-38 and F-4 Windshields, and UH-60 and AH-1 Windows. Aero Precision has an exclusive distribution agreement with Texstars covering multiple countries.
F-16 Transparencies & Canopy Dry Seals. Superior quality, technology & performance.
F-16 Front
Texstars F-16 transparencies' superior cross-section designs provide the increased bird-strike protection up to a 4-pound (1.8 kg) bird at 550 knots. Sophisticated coating systems provide optimum light transmission profiles and environmental durability.

Innovative F-16 Canopy Dry Seals for increased readiness, lower life cycle cost. The Pressure Seal is installed between the canopy frame and transparency to establish an airtight seal. It eliminates the need for wet sealant between the frame and transparency.

The Fairing Seal provides a seal against rain and water. Its conductive material also provides a secondary channel for the dissipation of electrostatic charge.

The Forward Nose Cover resists aerodynamic forces by protecting the leading edge of the transparency coating and the Fairing Seals.
F-15 F-5 / T-38 F-4
F-15 F-5 F-4
AD Windshield
Forward Canopy
Aft Canopy
Dual-Seat Aft Canopy
AD Windshield
Windshield Panel (F-5F)
Windshield Panel (T-38)

LH/RH Windshield Quarter Panels
LH/RH Cockpit Fairing Windows



UH-60 AH-1 UH-58
Gunner's Door Window

LH/RH Gunner's Windows
LH/RH Pilot's Windows
Center Window

Side Windows
Chin Bubbles