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CEF Industries

CEF Industries is an aerospace qualified manufacturing company. Aero Precision possesses worldwide exclusive stocking distribution rights for all CEF C-130 products. CEF's product line includes actuators, ball screws, pumps, gearboxes and other C-130 components.

        Ball Screws
actuator   Ball Screws  
The Low Cost Linear Actuator (LCLA) is the first in a new seriesof standard actuators designed tooffer performance over a range of load/speed capabilities for Environmental Control Systems, By-Pass doors, Cargo Handling Systems, Locking/ Latching Systems, Elevator/ Rudder/Aileron/Trim Tab Systems, Landing Gear, Flap Actuation. CEF actuators are used on various platforms including C-130, MD500/ 600, Beech C90/King Air/1900, B-1, S-60, Bell Boeing V-22.   Current production of Ball Screws are for bumper stops, torsion bars, nut tubes, flexible shafting, gearboxes. Ball Screw applications involve operation in unprotected environments where extremes of temperature, sand and dust, salt spray, humidity, and ice must be tolerated and all Ball Screws have been qualification tested in simulated operational and environmental conditions. CEF Ball Screws are used on various platforms including C-130E-H and C-130J.  

compressors   Pumps  
CEF compressors have become widely used as the back-up pressure source for potable water systems beginning with the Convair 880 and extending through to the latest commercial and business jet airframes including all Airbus as well as C-17, C-5B, CRJ700 and Gulfstream IV, V. All units are field repairable with overhaul manuals and spare parts available.   CEF electronic cooling pumps are high performance/low weight "wet motor" or submersible designs where the cooling medium (dielectric or conductive) is circulated inside the motor to provide heat transfer and bearing lubrication. These pumps are field proven for avionics cooling on various systems including the F-15 and B-2 radar systems.  

         Gear Boxes
Gear Boxes CEF manufactures a variety of gearboxes to custom designed specifications. All gears are machined in-house, ranging in diameter from a few millimeters up to three inches. CEF Gearboxes are used for Flap Actuation and Main Landing Gear Actuation and used on C-130, C-5A, C-141 and Jetstar platforms.